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Guangzhou SEALION with a number of amazing products at the 31st Chinaplast exhibition

Date:2020-01-02   Views:1796

Guangzhou SEALION devote to the advanced innovation of pipeline equipment technology, and constantly pursue innovation and breakthrough.This time with a number of products to participate in the exhibition, the exhibited products are gravimetric control system, the gravimetric and masterbatch control system, as well as ultrasonic measurement system, lost in weigh feeding machine, batching machine and other independently developed products.In this exhibition, the products have attracted much attention and been widely recognized by end users. Over the past ten years, guangzhou SEALIOIN has a strong supply system and has close cooperation with many companies in the pipeline industry.After years of unremitting efforts and painstaking research and development, guangzhou SEALIOIN has successfully served most domestic pipeline manufacturers.The traditional single trade development into the development of customers, sales, technical support as one of the comprehensive services, focus on providing users with professional, dedicated, dedicated, dedicated spirit of enterprise, with sincerity and credibility to make friends all over the world, dedicated to the best products and the most perfect service to everyone.
More wonderful products will be displayed, and will continue to be exhibited in booth 2.2, hall K45 tomorrow. SEALIOIN warmly welcomes customers to visit and discuss. We are still waiting for you at the booth!