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On-Line Ultrasonic Thickness Measuring

The pipe thickness measurement is according to the principle of ultrasonic pulse reflection, when the probes launch the ultrasonic pulse which reach to the interface of the inner and outter pipe through media,the pulse is reflected back to the probe, calculate the time between the pipe,ultrasonic processing unit rapidly calculate then figure out the pipe thickness.


Measure all kinds of pipe outside diameter, inside diameter, wall thickness in-line

Main Function

●Real time measuring pip OD,ID, thickness,eccentricity,ovality
●Alarm tracking and check during producion process
●History curve,production data record
●Production parameter,order infomation setting
●Production recipt,saving,management



●In boot stage: system can directly find the status of the pipe, put an end to waste, defective products, shorten the start-up time
●In production process: the system monitor the pipe thickness, eccentric, elliptical and outer diameter in real-time, monitoring product changes and make detail production records complete saved. to check the production status at any time, let the pipe and tube production under your control
●After warehouse: Even if you have already sent them on-site, if you want to know about the certain batch of product, you only need to open the database of this system and trace it back.

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