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Lost-in-Weight Feeding System

The sealion Lost-In-Weight Feeding System is a dynamic feeding system. The system adopt the principle of weightlessness to automatically control and correct the feed quantity and realize the constant feeding value. The feeding screw is selected according to the material characteristics.


he Lost-in-weight feeding system is suitable for the material such as powder, calcium carbonate, talcum powder, resin film powder, flour, starch and other shapes which are feeding on-line.

Product Introduction

The Lost In Weight Feeding System consists of hopper, feeder (single and double shaft screw feeder), weighing module and regulator.In operation, the hopper, material, and feeder are combined to weigh.As the material is sent out, the actual rate of weight loss is measured and compared with the required rate of weight loss (setpoint).The Lost In Weight Feeding System corrects the deviation from the set point automatically by adjusting the feeding rate. Thus, the material can be continuously and uniformly feed continuously.


Functional characteristics

●Servo control, Screw feeding;
●Feeding stability, high precision, large range of transportation;
●Touch control panel, intuitive and convenient operation;
●Output or recipe can be changed in real time;
●The system is easy to decompose, easy to assemble and easy to clean;