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Congratulations on the success of the 2019 annual meeting

Date:2020-01-02   Views:1917

At the meeting, wang zhanjie, executive vice chairman and secretary general of China plastics association and executive vice chairman of plastic pipe committee, made a summary and explanation on the development situation of plastic pipe industry in 2018, and put forward his own views on the current dilemma in the development process:

In 2018, a total of 60.4215 million tons of plastic products were produced, up 1.10 percent year on year.The total output of plastic pipes was about 15.67 million tons, up 3 percent year on year.General secretary wang introduced that in general, the plastic pipe industry in 2018 in the steady growth, structural adjustment, strong innovation while standardization, quality, intelligence, service, ecological and other aspects have made good achievements.However, at the same time, some problems in the development process also need to be paid great attention to by us. For example, the capability of independent innovation is not strong enough, and the weakness of key core technologies still exists. At present, the industry still suffers from structural overcapacity at the middle and low end, high degree of product homogeneity, and low market share at the high-end.

In the opinion of secretary general wang, enterprises in the plastic pipeline industry should continue to improve the self-regulation system of plastic pipeline products, and gradually cover all links of the plastic pipeline industry chain such as raw materials, additives, equipment and supporting products.Pay attention to the implementation of intelligence, integrate the intelligence and visualization of the production process into the customer service process, and promote the construction of intelligence.Further implement the innovation-driven development strategy, promote the further improvement of innovation ability and education, and improve the industry innovation system;Dare to carry out cross-border integration and enhance the ability to resist market risks;Stable market share, expand the development space and field of the enterprise;At the same time, trade associations should also fully perform their functions, mobilize the positive momentum of enterprise development, and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises.